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Sophie’s Seventh Annual BBQ almost here, Yikes! *PIC*

David Sophusson, Custer Wa.
>Hi Everyone,

Just another reminder for our Seventh Annual BBQ. You new folks and lurkers might want to check this out, we have a great time!

The weekend of August 6th this year. Please go Here to the events board for more info. Becky and I are looking forward to seeing all of our friends we have met over the years and are hoping to meet new ones!

If your wondering where the heck Custer Wa. is I’m about 10 minutes south of the Canadian border at the Blaine crossing on I-5. I’m about an hour and 45 minutes north of Seattle and less than 45 minutes south of Vancouver BC.

If you are trying to talk your spouse and kids into coming but they are reluctant you might mention that the Birch Bay water slides are just 10 minutes west of me.

Tonight after I get out of here I’m going into town to pick up a Jet mini lathe for the door prize this year. I hope whoever wins it won’t mind it having a little dust and chips on it, hey we gotta test it and make sure it works ok right? :-) And maybe as a gag prize I’ll give away my old bandsaw I’m sure someone out there needs an anchor!

If there is anybody that needs directions to my place let me know and I’ll send them to you pronto.

Sophie, so much to do so little time to do it.

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