Turning Archive 2005

Nylon Spindle washers are bad, M-kay?

Devon Palmer
>Heyas all,

Just got back from my first symposium and learned TONS (I really wish I had taken better notes) One the the biggest and simplest things I garnered was the impact of the nylon washer I had been using behind my chuck. John Jordan stated that these things disrupt the mating surface and provided a point for flex.

Sure enough, when I removed mine, it eliminated the low frequency vibration I'd be experiencing when roughing on a screw, and hollowing. It feels more "solid" now. To avoid "stuck Chucks", gently tighten the chuck on the spindle and avoid "snapping" it into place.

I didn't throw the washer away, but, not sure what I'll do with it now (maybe inlay it in the bottom of a bowl or something LOL)

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