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To Talon or Supernova 2, that is the question

Eric Kuehne
>Good day,

Well I have finally narrowed the field to the Supernova 2 and Talon chucks for my Jet 1236 and am now sitting on the proverbial fence. I understand that they are both fine chucks but am trying to understand the specific differences between them.

I am aware of the following:
While both chucks require a dovetail in the piece when use in expanding mode the Talon doesn't appear to have this requirement when used in compression mode. Do either or both of these require special tools to make the dovetails?
The Supernova 2 uses a hex key whereas the Talon seems to have the gear integrated into the wrench. Both systems seem acceptable to me. I'll spare my mechanical engineer's analysis of their merits.

I will be using these mostly for bowl and hollow forms. Any advice, opinions or info would be much appreciated.

Be careful out there.


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