Turning Archive 2005

The AAW benefit auction and David Marks

Mike Schwing from Md.
>My bride (Mrs. Schwingding) and I discussed finances before I departed for KC last week and we decided that bidding on an item in the benefit auction was probably not in our best interest. Nonetheless, I had decided to put a limit on myself - I was going to bid up to $1500 for Marylin Campbell's piece and work out the details later. I figured I sold everything I came to KC with, so that should temper the flames somewhat, eh? Anyway, one of my favorite items in the instant gallery showed up in the auction - the wonderful sea inspired bleached and sandblasted redwood creation by Frank Amigo that is pictured below. I loved it and when the bidding started I found myself wondering how high it would go. At one point there was confusion on what the high bid was and the pace of the bids faltered. The auctioneer said "does anyone have this at $500?" I said "Yeah, I'll take it" - and that was that!

So after it was all over a bunch of us were in the hotel bar when in walks David Marks - the DIY "Woodworks" show guy. Well, Mrs. Schwingding thinks he's just the cutest thing going, and I struck up a converstation with him. I told him that my wife loved him and his was the only woodworking show she'd watch - even without me! I told him I had to have his autograph for her, so he wrote her a nice long note over the round of drinks I bought and signed it of course. He was a real fun guy and we stayed at the bar long after it closed.

So when I called home to Mrs. Schwing-a-ling, I told her I had good and bad news. The good news was that I had a love note for her from David Marks. That softened the blow for the bad news about the benefit auction item I bought, she didn't even ask what I had spent!

The Marylin Campbell piece, by the way, went for $1600. I wouldn't have bought it anyway.

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