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parking brake

John Lucas
>This is in response to the powermatic and other lathes spindle locks. Why can't they just put a parking brake on the lathe. I'm talking about just a lever that you could pull and lock the spindle anywhere you want and it would stay there while you sand or carve etc. It doesn't have to be the same as indexing or spindle lock and it could have a swith to keep the lathe from powering up while engaged. It could have a centrifugal mechanical lockout that keeps you from engaging the brake when the lathe is spinning. I'd hate to see an 80 lb burl come unscrewed at 500 rpm. I think I may see if I can rig that up to my handwheel. I think a De-Staco clamp reversed and mounted to the back of the lathe would do that.

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parking brake
John, you're full of it!
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