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Hey Schwing! Guess what I did yesterday?

>Mike you'd be so proud of me : )

I roughed out 3 fresh cut sycamore bowls! Mike and I had a conversation over the weekend in Kansas about me being really bad about roughing out pieces and never having any waiting in the wings to finish turn. So he asked me to make him a promise that I would rough out 4 bowls a month in order to have something to turn this winter. I agreed that was a good idea and it just so happened that around the corner they were taking out a HUGE sycamore tree yesterday. So being the scavenger that I am, I collected a few logs and off I went. This stuff was so wet that it was actually keeping me cool turning it in the 100 degree heat. I was soaked! I had a fantastic time at my lathe yesterday. One more to go for this month Mike. I only got 3 done.

Off to the lake today for some more R&R...toting the little Jet and my grinder and some tools.

See ya,


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Hey Schwing! Guess what I did yesterday?
sniff.sniff..I'm so proud..
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