Turning Archive 2005

Born Again Walnut Bowl *PIC*

john Lucas
>I had a very busy weekend and this piece is one of the things i did. I'll make some better photos after I go back and work on the rim. The bark has some really light areas that I don't like so I'm going to go back and color them to match the rest.

This is a walnut crotch that I turned as a natural edge bowl. I didn't like the shape so I kept reducing the size until none of the heartwood was left. I liked the bowl so I bleached the sap wood to make it lighter. Then I wood burned the fetus into the bowl. This is a new step for me. I've always done woodburning in a more destructive burn the wood method. This time I wanted thin burning and shading to look more like a line drawing.

I still can't write worth a darn with the burning tool as you can see by the bottom signature. I called it Born Again because turning is the 3rd creative outlet I've tried. So far I think it the most successful behind singing and photography.

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