Turning Archive 2005

Another poll...Are you...

Keith Tompkins
>Emotionally attached to your lathe? As strange as it sounds, I like my lathe...I like it a lot.

It's got it's quirks and a few shortcomings, but hey, who doesn't? I know just how the banjo is going to slide across the ways. I know just how the speed control is going to react to my slightest touch. I can take the heaviest cut, and won't have to worry about stalling the motor. I can turn the thinnest of walls and never think about what the machine is doing.

I wince every time I drop something while working...ANOTHER scratch! I like my lathe as much as when it was new....There are better machines, but I still like mine. I may upgrade eventually, but I won't sell my General. I might even buy another....

Do you have similar emotional problems? LOL

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