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poplar cracking??

>I have some blondish wood that was represented to me as maple when I got it. The guy who told me it was maple is a tree trimmer/cutter but he's a little strange (although he's been spot on in identifying woods in the past)--"distracted" is perhaps the better word. but I'm beginning to think it isn't maple. (Wally Dickerman thought a finished bowl from this wood might be pine but there's no resinous smell when turning and I think the bark is wrong.)

In any case, it seems soft and easily tears when scraping. But worst of all, it seems to want to tear itself apart. I have cut rough blanks and sealed with liberal coats of anchorseal but everytime I look at the blanks (maybe a couple weeks apart) there seems to be a new crack even though I fill all cracks with thin CA. Bottom line is this stuff is probably the most unstable wood I've come across ( barring fruit woods).

Is poplar or cottonwood known for being unstable?

I know it's tough to idnetify wood without even a photo of the bark or leaves, much less the wood itself, but anyone have any ideas?

In the High Desert of Central Oregon

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