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mold on the anchorseal

Tom Sontag - St. Louis
>It was a considerable effort but I managed to make about 190bf worth of blanks from a box elder log. They fill a pallet. And about half of them are curly. So that's nice.

I applied a heavy coat of anchorseal all around because these will live (until sold) in our metal building which is getting blazing hot these days and ruining a number of other turning blanks that were just end coated. I stacked them close to retard drying and now the whole mess smells like another science project. Mold. Probably too thick on the anchorseal. The white fuzzy mold is appearing on the outside of the pile so I doubt restacking would help. I would hate to find out I am blue staining this stuff, although I am not sure white fuzzy mold and blue stain are related. Any ideas? I have no indoor climate controlled space for these things. If I scrape off some wax, aren't I just asking for checks?

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mold on the anchorseal
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