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Dyamond wood and or exotic scraps?

>Recently I have been posting different glue ups I have done with my pens.
Since the pieces I use are relatively small I am wondering in this forum of mainly bowl turners there might be someone who has a box full of pieces of wood that they are saving and are about to toss because they figured their treasures are too small to do anything with.
Since I do only pens the pieces I use are also relatively small.
Anyone have any they want to get rid of?
I am looking for offcut scraps of dyamondwood, also bloodwood ,yellow heart, any other "colored" exotics.
Also looking for "White" woods no figure or grain,like Holly (no bass wood.)
It's hard to say what I can use,3/4 or thicker width and length unimportant.( the wider and longer the better)
Possibly a trade for a one of a kind blank or pen.?(S)
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Thanks in advance

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Dyamond wood and or exotic scraps?
How about Purple heart & Red Kabbes???
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