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Packard Woodworks Sale

Steve Roxberg
>Hey all,

Packard Woodworks is moving to a larger facility and did not have time to bring a large booth the the vendor fair at the AAW meeing in Kansas. They are offering a 10% discount and FREE SHIPPING and a free diamond hone on orders until 7/29 if you do the following on their web site.

1. Search for the item AAWK
2. Add it to your shoping cart. The discount, Free shipping, and free diamond hone, will not appear on the website order, but will be credited when the order is processed.

The flyer handed out at the show calls this a show special, but no where on the flyer does it state that you had to attend the show.

Per their flyer :

* Discount applies to individual item prices and does not include lathes. Free shipping is up to a $9.95 value. Limit of one free hone per customer.

Enjoy, but let me order my stuff first.

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