Turning Archive 2005

Hello from KC

Mike Schwing from Oz
>Good morning folks! I've discovered something else I have in common with a lot of woodturners - early risers! The Sheraton is full of folks early in the AM, lots of them wearing woodturning gear and badges.

The opening of the Oz exhibit was last evening and on a personal note I can say it was very surrealistic to have a piece of my work on a pedestal alongside those I've admired for so long. You should see the strange looks my bug/brain gets from observers (I love that). The other work is even nicer in person than in the photos we've seen, I wish you all could be here, too.

REALLY weird to be standing in a small group talking about nothing with Harvey Fein, Jim Christiansen, Garret van Ness, Stephen Hatcher, etc....big time Wayne's World "We're not worthy!" going on.

And of course, as always, the cute girl at the front desk started snickering when I gave her my last name at check in. I said "go ahead, laugh it up, I know you want to..." SCHWING!

Today the rotations get going, and I'm helping Jeff Jilg take photos of the instant gallery for the AAW website, so if I'm able I'll post some of them at some point over the weekend.

Met too many WC'rs to name!

See ya.

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