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Just an FYI

Carole in VA
>In researching the various lathes on the market, I had narrowed my search to either the Big Mustard or the Nova DVR and am leaning towards the DVR. I had heard various comments concerning problems with the locking of the banjo and tailstock on the Nova and wrote to Teknatool to ask if this problem had been remedied and also asked about the height of their stands. This is their reply:

Hi Carole

Thanks for your enquiry. The height of the Cast Iron Stand is 805mm, but I don't have information on the steel stand, sorry.

The Nova 3000 problem (banjo/tailstock locking) was addressed at the time, and was never a problem with the DVR.

I hope that helps, sorry I don't have info on the steel stand - although Woodcraft may have some info as they are the ones who market it.

Feel free to contact us with future queries.

Kind Regards
Alaina Swain
Teknatool International

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