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Any power transmission experts out there?

Pete in Holland, MI
>Fellow lathe owners:

As an owner of a JET 1236 lathe, I am becoming aware of its long and short comings. Turning a lot of larger diameter bowls recently, I am experiencing slippage of the belt while turning larger diameters (admittingly taking heavy cuts). Notes posted in the past lead me to replacing the belt with a new one from the NAPA store with a certain part number. This basically gave me a similar belt to the one removed from the machine. Performance did improve, a little. The belt is described as a "wrapped" belt, where the sheets of fabric from which the belt is built up from, are wrapped & formed to create the belt.

I have seen Reeves or simialr drive installed in snowmobiles, metal lathes, drill presses and conveyor speed controls. None of these machines had a "wrapped" belt, as the JET machine, but rather a "cut" belt, where the V-sides of the belt are cut to expose the raw rubber, and sometimes the inner face of the belt is cut/molded to resemble a cog belt. Would stand to reason that that belt would offer more grip to the "hyphenated" pulley faces of the Reeves drives.

The wrapped belt is cheap, and has a wrapping seam on the belt, which will cause a slight "bump" on belt drive machines each revolution of the belt over a pulley.

Wouldn't it make sense to get a "cut" belt for our Reeves drive to better power our work pieces ?

Thoughts / expierences?



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