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Spindle Adapter for Powermatic 3520 et. al.

Clem Wixted
>I am having a 1-1/4 X 8 to 1 X 8 adapter made so I can use my 1X8 pieces on my Powermatic.

I have a friend who is in the precision maching business for making parts for high speed, high quality printing presses. Every once in a while he has some time on his CNC machines and he will make parts for me. I don't get priority so sometimes it is weeks before I get the parts. But, when I do, they are top quality, precision pieces.

I said all of that to say this: The first piece of "on of" items are the expensive ones. If I have more than one made each additional one reduces that average cost. If you would like to have an adapter made while I am having mine done I would be happy to increase the quantity for him to make. I think the price will be in the $20 range, plus or minus. Actual price depends on how many are made.

If you want one let me know. No money up front. If you get one and don't like it I will gladly give you a refund. If you ask for one and change your mind, no problem. No charge for handling and only actual postage.

This will be a round adapter without the flat for a wrench to loosen it. I plan to drill a hole for a bar, if needed to loosen.

I am doing this out of appreciation for all that I have learned from the good people on this forum.


I am posting this on 2 forums.

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