Turning Archive 2005

3rd textured cherry bowl *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>This one is different, I textured the top with a sanding wheel in the Dremel, one of those very thin ones held at 90° to the surface. I wrapped masking tape around the bottom of my cut line, went around 4x. Trying to protect the smooth parts a bit. Worked pretty well, not a distinct breakline, which is what I initially wanted, but led to a softer runoff which worked well. Some lines I burned with the wheel on purpose, Not as prominent after I added the stain. On the inside I tried adding some red fading away from center, by using thinned oil paint, but this came off when I applied the finish, except for a few areas of grain where it remained.

Any suggestions for applying a fading color in the future? I was thinking of water based dye but did not want to raise the grain with it. anyone spray alcohol based dyes? I see where Craft supplies is having a sale on Spirit based dye but have no experience with that at all. Whatever I use, I hope to airbrush it on to get a soft effect.

The rim of this reminds me of palm. I plan to explore this more.

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