Turning Archive 2005

Plywood Vase *PIC*

Bill Kram
>Here is my first PIC posting, it was a contest entry at our Portsmouth, NH woodworkers club. The club is primarily a flat work group but they tolerate one or two turners. The contest rules were simple & straight forward, take a 6 foot x 4 inch x ¾ inch board & make something with it.

Being a turner, I started to plan a round object. Circular reasoning I suppose. My concept proceeded in this manner. The 4 inch dimension would limit the diameter so I planed to use some segments. I wanted to KISS (keep it simple stupid), keep the piece count down. Also, I chose Baltic ply (actually stock birch ply from HD) to provide some surface pattern. The body rings have only 4 segments per layer. By choosing a vase form, some of the base & neck sections could be cut from a 4 inch square. The body diameter is 6" W x 9 H. There was some more stock left so I made a lid 2" H with one 6 segment layer. Total piece count is 38.

What most pleased me about this effort was the stimulation of creative juices because of the design constraint.
It forces focus & some structure to thinking about forms. A sort of "form follows function kind of thinking."

Appreciate any comments.

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