Turning Archive 2005

Poly Resin Pen Blanks From YoYo Spin *PIC*

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

I guess I'm on a roll in the shop. These are two Ligero's I made tonight with poly resin that I bought from Ed Davidson (YoYo Spin). These are a few of the ones I have made with this home made material, I just wanted to show off the pens with these blanks.

The poly resin is easier for me to turn and drill than acrylic, I love they way it sands to a polished finish as well. I really like this material. These are over sized blanks as well, so I have a few set aside for my favorite Gentlemens and Statesman kits, Thanks Ed!!

I got back into the wood working grove tonight with some flat work, cut and milled some curly cherry for my next project, an end table with a flair...but that Jet Mini really knows how to grab my attention...


There's something about that mini, eh!

Take care,

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