Turning Archive 2005

The woods have their revenge, part 2

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Cripes! You may remember the post I made a few months back about a 4" cherry branch falling out of the canopy in the woods behind my house and knocking me out cold, on a day I was already groggy from a medical procedure that required sedation.

Well, today I was performing trail maintenance on the access trails, most of which I have created to get to fallen trees but are now used by all of our neighbors, too. They need trimming and clearing a few times per year and always after a big storm.

Some limbs are small enough to be simply snapped by hand rather than chopped by big shears or small chainsaws. One of them fought back today. As it slipped out of my hand it whipped back and slapped me right in the kisser. Now I have a big fat lip and I talk kind of funny.

I have a job interview at 9am tomorrow. That should go well.

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