Turning Archive 2005

Natural edge maple burl *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>I haven't been doing any turning at all for the summer months, but my nieces were visiting this past weekend and they were stuck inside due to rain. They asked uncle Mike if they could make a bowl together, so we did two. One was start to finish from a dry blank that they took home with them before I could snap a photo. They both turned it, and they took to the tools much more quickly than most adults that I have introduced to turning.

The other one was this maple burl piece that had been sitting around in my shop, roughed, for about 2 years. Uncle Mike did all of the work on this one, other than work on the rim. We all decided that the rim looked too plain with half of it being knobby burl and the other smooth, and we airbrushed a few colors on it, then knocked the overspray off with steel wool. They then went to using my my airbrush paint on a pad of newsprint making butterflies, their names, and hearts of course.

I have no children so this was really fun for me. Makes me just a tiny bit envious of you with younger kids, but just a bit, as I'm now leaving for 100 mile bike ride after I click the "POST message" button.

This work is about 8" wide and was finished with mylands sealer and lacquer, then rubbed very hard with Liberon wool. I wouldn't normally post this work as there's nothing spectacular about it, but its been a while since I contributed. Comments welcomed but not necessary. Thanks for looking

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