Turning Archive 2005

Bandsaw motormania

Dave Shombert
>Restoration continues on this Powermatic model 143 wood/metal cutting BS I got at an auction recently. It's got a 3 phase motor, looks like a pretty good one - Leeson, 3/4 HP, TEFC, looks almost new. I'm starting to think this machine isn't all that old. Anyway, I was planning on replacing that with a single phase motor until a friend told about static phase inverters - makes the three phase motor run on single phase. There's a company that sells them on eBay, about $90 which is a good bit less than a new motor.

Anybody have any experience with these things? From the ad on eBay, I gather there's a fair amount of power loss in the device but I'm not sure. My friend claims the advantage is that the 3-phase motor will run more smoothly.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance,

Dave Shombert
Elkins, WV

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