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Home at last--some thoughts on troubleshooting

Gary Evans, Tallassee, TN
>It's been a couple of weeks since I have had reliable access to my home away from home here at WoodCentral. My computer started acting up by shutting itself off or rebooting itself whenever it took a notion.

I posted on the other side about the problem and got some good advice about checking the power supply as well as the power source. I had plugged the computer into a different outlet and consequently was convinced that I had eliminated that as a possible problem.

A friend gave me a new used computer which had lost its' hard drive, so I moved my hard drive over and took the problem with it. Convinced that the hard drive was the problem, I borrowed another hard drive from a different friend and installed it in the new machine. When I tried to turn it on, nothing happened. A little checking with the multi-meter showed 3 volts at the outlet, not quite enough to power a computer! Turns out that the circuits of both outlets junctioned under the floor and were fed by the same breaker which has gradually been giving up the ghost over the past weeks. Imagine my surprise!

Sorry for the ramble, but it just goes to show that you need to verify your electrical supply when you are diagnosing an electrical problem. I almost hate to admit that I have been doing electrical troubleshooting of various types for the better part of the past 30 years.

Just glad to be back home,

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Home at last--some thoughts on troubleshooting
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