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john Lucas
>This is a very brief discussion of the push cut that stewart Batty was demonstrating. I did this with my old bowl gouge. Stewart Batty had a bowl gouge that was ground at 40 degrees from wing to tip on both sides. My gouge is ground at 53 degrees on the front. This wings are much sharper because of the shape of the flute. I like long wings for some other turning that I do but they aren't necessary for the push cut.

The push cut is really just using the front tip of the gouge at a very acute angle to the rotation of the wood so you are cutting very cleanly. I've included a photo of a skew used with the toe down to show you the cutting angle of the tip of the gouge. This is an extremely clean cut if you don't force the cut. The lower wing on this shot cuts away the bulk of the wood and the tip of the gouge cleans the cut.

This photo is from the top of the work kind of like you would see when you are turning. The flute is pointing toward the tailstock or to the right but you'll have to rotate the flute up a little to get the cut started. This depends on how you sharpen your gouge.

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push cut *PIC*
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