Turning Archive 2005

Help on Woodburner Tips (Long)

Dennis J. Gooding
>Based on recommendations from a couple of people in the group, I bought an Optima 1 woodburning system with two tips from PJL Enterprises. My purpose is to try my hand at using woodburning to decorate and to sign some of my work. Pat Lamusga, owner of PJL, suggested two tips to start with: the PH19M-5/64" Ball Tip and the PH8-Burnishing Tip. After experimenting with these for a while I have come to the conclusion that either they are not quite what I need or that I am hopelessly lost as to how to use them properly. The ball tip seems okay for signing, although it seems a bit coarser than necessary. However, I can't imagine either of them being used to do the delicate work that I have seen posted on this forum. I am looking for advice on specific tips to order and pointers to any how-to books or videos on this aspect of woodburning. Dennis

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