Turning Archive 2005

Sometimes things go well. Long *PIC*

tek-Brunswick, Ohio
>I posted this picture a while back. All of the parts are turned. It is of a piece I submitted to be in a juried art show. They have no classification for turning, so I entered under sculpture. The art league called my daughter who submitted two ceramic pieces under sculpture. They accepted my piece, her two pieces and two pieces her boyfriend submitted in the sculpture category. He works mostly in metal. One of his pieces metal and ceramic the other is metal and wood. We think it is awesome that all three of us got accepted and funny that we will all be competing with each other in the sculpture category. Here is the ringer; they want to use the picture of my piece on the postcards they send out to promote the show! I know that this is not a major art show, and I’m not competing with national established artists, but it is an exciting start for me. I’m pretty ignorant of the way the art world works. So I’m trying to follow advise from more experienced people. Mike Schwing stated in an earlier post, that people like art pieces named. My daughter is a Ceramics at Kent State. She also told me that shows, galleries, and collectors like the pieces to be named. She also suggested it is good practice to do pieces as a series. I’ve decided to name my piece “Slayers Pride” and to attempt to do a series. I’m going to call it the mythology series. The pieces won’t be based on particular Mythological stories, but rather incorporate common themes that seem to run through many mythologies. I’m attempting to make pieces that suggest a deeper story. The viewer needs to use their imagination to create a whole that the piece is part of. I’m open to suggestions and advise on how to present work to shows and galleries. Critique the work too. This is a learning process for me.

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