Turning Archive 2005

A small request for the ladies

Peter Charles Fagg (UK)
>As a member of the "Wight Woodturners" a small group of 30 interested turners in the UK, I have a small request.

One of our number, the ONLY lady turner, has recently undergone a traumatic experience with the Big "C" and is languishing at home after several major operations. In order to try and buoy up her spirits at this time I thought it would be good idea to supply her with links to fellow lady turners. I know from good experience of Ruth Niles (I use the 'T' shirts regularly) and Barbara Gill but I think there is a web site for lady woodturners but I have been unable to find it!

Would the members of this group be so kind as to supply links to the ladies on the internet who are actively involved in woodturning?

You never know we might just be giving the lady the lift she needs at this time.

Warmest regards, Peter Charles Fagg.

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