Turning Archive 2005

The Joy of Sharp Tools

Peter Teubel
>I just taught a basic bowl class this past Sunday at the Woodcraft store in Woburn, MA. Six students, all with little experience. As usual, I stated that I was know as the "sharpening Nazi" and that before they could call me over to help, they had to first sharpen their tool. As part of the class, I showed them how to use the Wolverine jig and some didn't have the right tools so I lent them mine.

So they are all turning...going along pretty good. I noticed no one was sharpening their gouge. I told everyone to stop and sharpen...NOW! While they were at the grinders, I got on my soapbox about sharpening...again. Once they got back to the lathes, I heard a collective "WHOA!" from everyone. They all experienced the joys of a sharp tool...at the same time. It was really wierd...like an audience gasping at a good magic trick. The grinders were well used for the remainder of the class.

I think they got the message...

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