Turning Archive 2005

Walnut Bowl Problem

Barry Turner
>I have just turned a small Black Walnut bowl. It's a twice-turned bowl, hollowed about 5 or 6 months ago. It's about 5" tall and about 6" in diameter. On opposite sides of the bowl where there is end grain, and also on the inside of the bowl where there is end grain, I have what appears to be tear-out. I used a very sharp bowl gouge to shape the bowl and hollow it. I cleaned up the gouge marks with a sharp scraper. I power sanded through the grits, starting with 80 all the way to 180 grit. I even stopped in the middle of the sanding process and raised the grain, let it dry overnight and started the sanding process again at 120 grit, sanding through 180 again. Still the areas of what appears to be tear-out persist. Any ideas, other than to stay away from Black Walnut?

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