Turning Archive 2005

Storing/Using CA glue question.

Barry Irby
>I noticed in a post that someone said they stored their CA glue in a closed container with some kitty litter desiccant. I have mine in a drawer in the lathe cabinet. I have noticed that sometimes it will sit for weeks and the little spouts stay open, even with the caps off. Sometimes it plugs itself up. My shop is only heated or cooled when I am in there, so the temperature and humidity vary. As I recall it used to do it when I kept the caps on, also. When I used the accelerator in the spray bottle, I kept it on a shelf above the lathe because it leaked enough that the glue would harden if it were in the same drawer, but with the spray cans, I don't worry about it. It also seems the size of the hole in the tip matters. If the glue drains back out of the tip its better. Is it the humidity that causes the glue to harden in the tip? How do you store your CA to prevent this?

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