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An urn for Shadowdog - PICs

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>A couple of years ago I was asked to make an urn for a dog named Gizmo. After the first of the year I was asked to make an urn for Gizmo’s friend Shadowdog. I was hesitant to make the first urn because my turning skills were not very advanced at that time. This time I turned a larger urn from green American elm and after the rough out dried I finished it this week..

Heartwood side. Urn is 12", 5" 3/4" wide and the base is 4".

Early wood side. Both sides look great. Wood is a little lighter than the picture shows.

Top close up. The grain is parallel to the sides so the lid matches perfectly.

Opening is 2 7/8" and tapers down to 2 1/2"

Lid has a tapered tenon which fits close. A few drops of glue will hold the lid in place.

The urn is finished on the outside with 3 coats of Rockler’s gel polyurethane. Sanded to 320 before first cost and 600 between coats. Inside is not finished.

Comments welcome.

Dave Smith

I can turn most anything no matter how long it takes in Longview, WA.

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