Turning Archive 2005

Different *PIC*

tek-Brunswick, Ohio
>My younger daughter, Amy, suggested I enter an art show. There is no category for wood turning so I am entering in the sculpture category. All parts are turned however, only a small amount of carving was involved. The spherical box is Ambrosia maple, the support ring and platform Canary Wood, the uprights and bottom base are bleached Holly, and the pins through the uprights are ebony. Comments welcome. What would you do different? This was an involved project from both design and turning techniques, especially for someone with my limited experience. The first maple sphere I made wasn’t quite right, but can be used for another project. I had to throw away the first support ring I turned. I tried to make a wooden hinge in it. It didn’t quite work out. Amy is entering a ceramic sculpture. We will be happy if either of us place.
Thanks for looking

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