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Don Henthorn
>Well, after about seventy years of self learned turning, I got Bill’s DVD on turning a
bowl. Hey! some things I was doing right! I had never really learned a shearing cut, and
that did make a difference. Using scrapers was not new and I still find that for many
tasks I prefer a sharp 1/2” scraper to gouges. As I have stated many times I have always
used glue blocks for most face plate type turning. After watching the video I can see that
there could be few cases when a scroll chuck might be preferable.

I have been thinking about the $90.00 Grizzly chuck although I don’t like the idea of
having a chuck that is so limited in the size of things it will grab. I certainly would not
spend a couple of hundred dollars on so limited a chuck. Still looking. A three jaw
chuck is attractive mainly because it has a much better range of sizes. Sold my old one
with my Blount lathe, but it was a really heavy dude. I do miss it at times.

I have had a few old customers call to see if would still cane chairs for them and that is
giving me a little discretionary money to spend. Don’t want to buy very much because at
85 I don’t expect to use it for a long time. Would like to have a medium size chain saw
since I have discovered what the city does with the trees it takes down. It aint pretty.
Lots of elm biting the dust lately.

Thanks for listening.

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