Turning Archive 2005

Thanks :)

>Hello Everyone,

I've been up at the lake for a few days and just returned home tonight, and had to leave a note of thanks before I get to bed. The responses I've read to my new website have truly been overwhelming. You folks are the biggest source of inspiration that anyone could possibly need! Thanks so much for the wonderful notes you left in my guestbook and the email here at home too. Your suggestions are all well taken and we will make some adjustments in the next few days. I think I already fixed the hover color from black to bright yellow. I hope it worked? I'll try to get the galleries so that you can click on a next and previous button too. That would be much easier. I think when you get so involved with something like this you get so self absorbed that you don't see these little things and that's why I appreciate all of your responses and suggestions. As far as the font coming up black for some people, I'm not sure why that's happening. It seems to be just for those using Firefox? You got me why that's happening? Jim? Anybody? I'm clueless. I'll look into it though...it's bugging me to know that's happening?

Thanks again! You all are wonderful!


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