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2nd Chance Apple bowl ala David Propst (PICS)

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

A couple of months ago I posted looking for some apple wood to turn a bowl for my son's teachers. David Propst very kindly sent me a beautiful hunk of wet apple from up NC foothills way. I was able to get a lovely little 6 inch bowl from part of the blank, but the "major" bowl I wanted from the piece sadly cracked while drying. I know apple is tempermental to dry and I am thinking I left it a little too thick for the DNA bath. At anyrate, after it had cracked, I tossed it aside intending nothing better for it than a nice smelling fire this winter.

Well, the cracked bowl set there, mocking me and taunting me. Finally, I decided that 1) it was so nice of David to send this to me that it deserved a 2nd chance at life, 2) I had seen but never attempted anything like I was thinking and 3) I thought it would be really cool if it worked. Almost the entire bowl was heartwood and just smelled wonderful when turning wet.

So, I remounted the blank and went to work. Below is what I came up with. Turning it with that crack in it was interesting. It was a challenge with the walls flexing in and out!

And a close up of the leather string:

Knowing that the leather would make the piece look "rustic", I just sanded it to 600 and oiled it with Tried and True. I don't plan to buff it and pretty much consider the piece finished. It is about 7.5 inches across and 2.5 high. The holes are bigger than they need to be, but I had planned to double up the leather until I tried it and then it was too busy looking. The holes were drilled freehand and (I think) just random enough to add to the "rustic" look. Um, yeah, rustic, yeah that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

Comments and critiques ar always welcome, you cannot hurt my feelings. Seeing as this piece was destined to end up in my fireplace, I figure it is a pretty good save :)

Thanks for taking a look,


Cheating the fireplace out of one in Apex, NC...

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