Turning Archive 2005

I visited Duane Leach last night.

Al Crandall --NE of Indy--
>I saw Duane Leach yesterday. He had six by-passes on his heart Fri. morning and Fri. night they were back in to replace one of the by-passes on the back side of his heart. He has really been mugged on the inside by these two surgeries, and is feeling a lot of discomfort. On the plus side, he is out of intensive care and had gone for his first walk Tues morning and was scheduled for another hike shortly after I left. The staff is treating him wonderfully and he has nothing but the highest praise for St. Francis' caregivers. His jovial personality is trying to peek through the clouds of his discomfort and his progress is right on schedule.

Best of luck with a speedy recovery, good buddy. Al

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