Turning Archive 2005

Bowl needing haircut

Jack Savona
>Rough turned some three-week-old poplar yesterday. REALLY wet, as in indoor shower! End grain was SO long on the sides, I thought of braiding it.

My problem was getting my tools to cut. Fingernail gouge, scraper...it didn't matter. Every time I put as newly sharpened tool against the wood, the tool couldn't cut. Wood fibres immediately covered the tool edge and prevented it from reaching the wood surface. Extremely frustrating. Anyone had this experience? Any e-z solutions? I've got enough logs for ten more bowls, but I don't want to go through this experience again. Ain't no fun.

BTY I have soaled one bowl in DNH, one in LLD and boiled one. It'll be interesting to see how each behaves and how its end grain cuts when dry.

Thanks in advance.

Jack (in the rain in Maine)

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