Turning Archive 2005

Couple of firsts.. at least for me.. LOL *PIC*

Tom Mullane
>I have had a dozen bottle stopper kits laying around since February
along with the same amount of stabilized blanks from BillB that I got
on one of his sales... today I decided to play with one..
The wood is stabilized Buckeye Burl.. first time I ever turned any and
is it pretty... goes real nice with the chrome bottle stopper...
I decided before starting on the stopper that I wanted a cabochon on
the top and since I did not have any, I made one from a cut off of
some trustone I had... I was real impressed with how it contrasts to
the grey of the buckeye burl... I decided that a nice simple shape
would go best with this first stopper...
I leave the real critiques to you... take a look

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