Turning Archive 2005

New Webpage! *LINK*

>Well I have finally put a webpage up on the web. I've been wanting to do this for what seems like years, and it is finally done. Another goal for this year that I can check off. If you'd like to take a peek at it you can find a link to it in my user profile that I just put up tonight too. I didn't think we were suppose to put a link to our sites inside a post in the message forums? Anyway....I really, really need to thank Jim Shaver for all of the incredible help...well actually he pretty much put it together for me. Then he handed me the keys so to speak. Jim you are a saint for putting up with me and my umpteenmillion questions! Thank you SO much for all of your help.

If you take a looksie please let me know what you think....things I should change etc. I will appreciate it a ton!

Happy 4th of July!!


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