Turning Archive 2005

A note On Dust Collectors

Barry Irby
>I have one of the 1 1/2 Hp Delta DC's hooked up to most of my tools in the shop. Most, but not the lathe. I have a four inch hose I use will sanding, but basically I just let the shavings fly while roughing. Turned a fairly large apple bowl from green wood. Got great long curls of shavings. Saved some to use flavoring stuff on the grill and vacuumed up the rest with the hose on the DC. Later I noticed the DC making a somewhat odd sound and it did not have much suction. Unplugged it and removed the hose from the blower. It was full of apple curls wrapped around the impeller. Cleaned it out and it's much better. Those long curls are fun, but next time I will throw them directly into the trash.

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