Turning Archive 2005

AAW Symposium topics

>I'm a little miffed about many of the negative comments posted in 2 recent threads regarding AAW. This is a member driven organization constituted to serve and support the membership, and I don't find support for claims of elitism and indifference as posted by several WC posters. I have attended 10 Symposiums and demoed at 6, and I am certainly not a famous turner. Comments also mentioned the dearth of subjects such as spindle, square, design,etc.- they haven't been paying attention to the recent schedule of demonstrations. I demoed square bowls and was featured on the annual DVD of demonstrators, and thank God for excellent editing! Design is an extremely difficult subject to teach in small doses-right Keith? If you don't see a subject you want covered, make your suggestions to a Board member, or better yet, become a Board member! Don't expect someone else to act on your silent wishes- get involved! Critic are everywhere, but active participants are much more valuable to a self- supporting organization.

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