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Dust collector w Magnetic base *PIC*

Ben Aragon
>Hi all,
Dust collector with Mag base.
I thought I’d post this incase it might help anyone. I needed a dust collector for sanding and had seen some commercial units so thought I would build one. I used some standard 4” duct work from Lowes, 1” square tubing I had and a magnetic base from Enco. The tubing was cut and drilled for 5/16-24 thread, through holes on one piece and tapped for the other. I loosen the socket head screws to make adjustments. The magnetic base has an ON/OFF switch, which makes it easy to move anywhere on the lathe. This is also nice when I’m burning or power carving, I have a thick piece of sheet metal 12”x12” I place on the workbench next to me and stick the mag base dust collector right there. Comments welcome.

Best Wishes,

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