Turning Archive 2005

self critic *PIC*

john Lucas
>I find one of the best things you can do is what I call self critic. You have to be your worst critic. I thought I would try a new shape for me. A larger foot that merges with the bowl. I liked it to a point. I find turning a bowl or vessel upside down helps evaluate problems. To me the foot is too big on this one. I think the bowl would have more lift if I made the foot a little smaller.

Look close. You'll see the curve that comes from the foot toward the lip changes about a 1/3 of the way down from the lip. I don't like this. I want to the curve to be smooth. It can change in shape but in this piece I have created 2 curves that meet at the 1/3 point. It's hard to see something like this when on the lathe and in this piece it's also hard to feel. I didn't notice it until I got it completely off the lathe and had some finish on it.

It's not bad enough to trash obviously. In fact it's already sold but I wanted to shoot it so I could explain the process I go through with each piece. I'll know to look harder at this kind of thing next bowl.

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