Turning Archive 2005

testing shapes *PIC*

john Lucas
>Here is a method I use to test shapes. I draw the shape on a piece of folded black paper. Then I cut it out. I used an exacto knife. Open it up and look at the shape. This helps evaluate the problems. Bear in mind this does not include figure, color, defects, and other marks that may change the shape of the vessel if you want to work with these shapes.

On this vessel I tried to make the foot about the size of the smallest part of the neck. This is just my opinion but i think the foot is a hair too small. I like the top but that assumes that the top is the same wood as the rest. if I made the top out of some other wood I might have to change the size depending on the contrast of the woods.

Following Keiths lead I made the widest portion of the vessel on the Golden line divided by the Golden Rectangle. I'll leave it up to you to decide if you like it or want to change anything.I use black because you can cut out a scrap piece and add it back on and still be able to see what you changed.

This also works well with spindles and finials.

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