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Yew multi crotch bowl *PIC*

Colin Spencer
>This bowl measures 7 inches by 2 3/4 inches and is 3/8 inch thick. It is finished with sanding sealer and then wax. It has a small foot and a slightly thicker than normal base to give it some weight.

This piece of Yew had 3 branches coming together into the crotch. It has a large bark inclusion that can be seen in the side photo. It is one of the hardest pieces of wood that I have ever turned. In the end I gave up with using a gouge and went to a hollowing tool. There was lots of end grain from the branch stubs that need a lot of work. Like most Yew it has some cracks. The growth rings on some parts of this piece of wood are so close together it is almost imposible to count them.

Any and all comments welcome

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Yew multi crotch bowl *PIC*
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