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Souped Up Bandsaw

TomW in SouthJersey
>A friend gave me a Craftsman 12 inch bandsaw. I just completed fine tuning all the adjustments and installed a new blade. It had a 1/3 HP, 1750 RPM motor and would stall when cutting blanks larger than 3 inches thick.
I mentioned this to my friend and he showed up with a new motor. This one is also 1750 RPM but 2 HP. Its quite a bit heavier than the original motor so I beefed up the mounts. Pulleys are the same size.
Now it seems to cut through wood right up to the 6 inch maximum height.

Anybody see a problem using such a large motor? The manual says only use 1750 RPM but it also says not larger than 1/2 HP. Bigger is better right?

Tom Wright

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