Turning Archive 2005

Wood lathe stand

>I saved an old cabinet out of bathroom. It's been sitting in the barn waiting to be used for something worthwhile. I finally had some time to plan my stand for my bowl lathe and got to thinking about this cabinet so I brought it into the shop. It's nearly perfect height for the lathe.

Don't ask about the burnt spot :-)

Since it is fairly long I decide to see about just putting my wet grinder and standard grinder on here too. I think there is enough room so I could put a polisher on there too. I think the lathe works better turned 90 degrees to what is shown. I probably will need to keep the grinders covered to keep dust out. Otherwise this looks workable. Has to have a coat of paint to hide the UGLY yellow!

My thinking is to reinforce the cabinet by adding a layer of 1/2 ply on the sides and back. Adding a couple of braces across the top from the face frames to the back. Then filling it with sand bags for ballast. That would still leave me with lots of storage inside. If I swap ends with everything that would also place the one drawer under the lathe to hold the chuck jaws and odds and ends.

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