Turning Archive 2005

Cherry to Cherryade *PIC*

Raymond Overman in SC
>I thought I'd share this here too.

This piece of cherry came from my father. He got it from another turner friend of his. The checks were already in the piece when I got it and dad's comment was, "See what you can do with this."

He was a little hesitant to give it to me because the last few pieces of wood he's given me, he's wanted them back after I turned them.

I've wanted to do a piece similar to Mark Lindquist's ascending bowls series with a lighter hand at the texturing. I instantly saw the shape of this bowl in the piece of wood. I'm really pleased with the way this turned out.

One thing about turning this, I used a homemade boring bar and it's a somewhat gripping experience when you hang a 5/8 cold roll steel bar with a cutter on the end 7 or 8 inches off the tool rest and are cutting bone dry cherry. It can get a little tense down there in the bottom.

My co-workers comment this morning was, in his best good ole boy accent, "You got a hole there in your wooden bucket." I was quite pleased with his critique.

Eastern NC Wild Cherry, 8" diameter x 10" tall, textured and finished with danish oil. I'll probably put a few more coats of danish oil on it and buff it over the next week.

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