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"Scrapwood" Pen *LINK* *PIC*

>I recevied a box of "scraps" in the mail from a friend.In it were some pieces of "Stratowood" similar in appearance to "Dyamond wood" used by some turners for decorative items.
The "Stratowood" was used originally by a company that makes bows for archers.
As the story goes some larger pieces were "acquired" from a dumpster in Idaho. They made their way to Washington D.C. where my friend cut up and saved what he wanted. They were included in a box of would be pen blanks. His idea was to use them as center bands,but since I turn mostly naturally colored woods (I do attemt to dye but not often)I didn't see that I would have much use for a lot of green center bands.(the predominant color)
After prepping the scraps I had approximately 50 pieces the size of butter pats.This is the result.Additional views of the pen can be seen by clicking the link.
THERE IS ONLY ONE PEN! the two views are quite different.

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