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OT: Beware New Scam for the braindead...

steve antonucci
>Special employment offer for US citizens. Your starting earnings will be at least $35,000 per year.

Leeyance, Inc. is rapidly developing company in the information technology market. Our expanding branch in the USA is searching for financial operators. We require US citizens to manage our financial transactions abroad. No special skills required for employment! Just punctuality, tact, honesty, and ambition to succeed! Your starting duty will be bank accounts maintenance and financial transactions. Payments from our customers will
be sent via Western Union to international offices. Ten (10) percent of all transactions are your commision for services rendered. Your starting earnings will be at least 35,000 american dollars per year.

Managers with accounts in Bank of America and Wells Fargo are especially required at present time and can begin working immediately after signing up Employment Agreement.
For all the further information please visit our website leeyanceinc.com

or contact us via email employment@leeyanceinc.com with the below information filled out:
Mailing Address:
Name of your bank:

Leeyance, Inc. Employment Department

NOTE: this email is not spam. You will never receive an email with our limited employment offer again.

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